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Parenting Strategies for Teenage Success

This program has been specifically geared for parents with teenagers and concentrates on how a parent can:

  1. build their child’s self confidence so that they reach their fullest potential
  • understanding how developing a positive self image is the cause for high performance
  • understanding how to nurture their child’s strengths to release their potential
  1. motivate their child to achieve both academically & in life
  • understanding how to encourage & coach (not ‘nag’) is the key to maximising their results
  • understanding how to create a positive home environment conducive to doing homework & study
  1. communicate effectively so that they can understand their child & develop a close, positive relationship
  • understanding how to empathise with their child to get to the real issues
  • understanding how to set practical ground rules to manage work ethic & social media distractions
  1. discover & develop their child’s talents toward a meaningful pathway
  • understanding their child’s personality type via the personality profile
  • understanding how to work their child’s natural abilities toward a rewarding career

This program not only covers the abovementioned areas but includes, ABSOLUTELY FREE, a high quality personality profile (valued at approximately $75 – 125 per person).

For schools who are looking to provide their school community with an enlightening, inspiring & practical evening workshop from an expert speaker who has worked with approximately 230,000 students, parents & staff over the past 10 years, then Parenting Strategies for Teenage Success, is perfect.



"As a parent who's going to be supporting her first child through VCE I found your session extremely beneficial and not to mention motivational. 

I have noticed in the last week that Josh does 3-4 hours of home work each night without me 'nagging' him to do so - this was something I learned not to do anymore from your seminar so thank you.  For a teenager that went from doing hardly an hour of homework a night last year, this is a massive turnaround.

Once again, thank you very much for the clear messages I took from your session that would not only assist me in understanding what Josh will go through this year but also put into practice what I've learnt with my younger 2 children and hopefully...apply some of what I learned into my own professional life."

M. Fernandez - Parent from St Francis Xavier College

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