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"I was working in a very negative environment with a difficult boss and I had tried everything to improve the situation but it was draining me, no matter what I tried.

I decided to attend the Shape Your Destiny seminar (Sept. 2012) but had no expectations. The day was fun, emotional and though provoking and when I woke up the next day I knew only I could change my future. I felt so empowered by the techniques I had learned that mentally I made the decision that I would find a new job that I loved, that paid me well and where I felt valued.

That Monday I decided I would not be at this job much longer. So I went to work and started clearing my office of all personal items and generally making sure everything was in order for another person to take over. The next day I decided to look on the internet for jobs. This one ad grabbed my attention. It was everything I was looking for and I remember saying out loud to myself "I'm getting this job!". So I applied straight away. The next day I had a feeling I should email the recruitment agency directly, so I did. WIthin a couple of hours I was called and asked to attend an interview.

I went to the interview on the following Monday & felt confident. I just believed that I would get the job because I felt it was made for me. I knew I wanted a higher income so I asked for $15,000 more than I had previously earned. The agent put me forward but my interview wasn't scheduled until the following Monday. The agent informed me that the employer wanted an immediate start & my current employment contract required me to give 4 weeks notice. On Wednesday, I had a overwhelming feeling that I should hand in my resignation to improve my chances of securing this new job. This was a huge risk but I felt confident I would get the job. Believe it or not, after I resigned, my current employer allowed me to finish up that week. This meant that I would be effectively unemployed at the time of the interview.

Monday came and I attended the interview, I gave it everything I had and came away knowing I did my best. The next morning I go a call from the agent, he told me they loved me and that I could start the following day and they were prepared to meet my salary request. So within three weeks, I shifted my thinking, stopped the limiting beliefs that held me back and was able to move forward confidently in the direction of my goals to secure a new job that I love with $15,000 pay rise."

Thanks Darren. You provided me with the most empowering tools in the Shape Your Destiny seminar which empowered me to change my life!

Emma Souter - P.A. to Educational Operations Manager

Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School


"The Shape Your Destiny seminar was enormous for me! I have always been somewhat confident as to what I wanted but was slowly peddling my way towards my vision. It was a slow peddle no doubt. After attending Darren's seminar, it felt like a rocket booster ride towards the goals which I had set in the long term. I used techniques which I learnt in the seminar like the ‘STOP technique’ to blast through my fears and move forward with momentum towards my goals. I also use the ‘anchoring’ technique to give me instant motivation and put me in a positive and resourceful state to take massive action.

Using these tools has helped me achieve fantastic results so far. For example, since attending the seminar, I have launched myself into a number of business ventures and set myself specific & measurable personal goals; one of which included a coaching session for over 75 entrepreneurial minded individuals from the World's largest Youth Leadership organisation. The session was so well received that they have asked me to run another session. I am also in the midst of planning a seminar for university students in Singapore which is scheduled to run on 26 June 2010.

To say the least, the Shape Your Destiny seminar was a brilliant experience, filled with an abundance of energy and one which I will never forget. In fact, I am going to attend your next program to re-live the experience one more time.

Thank you for inviting me to this seminar and I would highly recommend this weekend transformation program as it will definitely ignite anyone's goals into immediate reality!"

Darshan Sivathasan

"Darren’s ‘Shape your Destiny’ seminar was exceptional! Before attending the seminar, I felt like I was stuck at a career cross-road, unsure about the path I should take. After completing an Engineering degree, I was working at Accenture as an I.T. Consultant for three years but felt extremely unfulfilled and discontented with the direction it was taking me.

Darren’s clear and succinct way of breaking down the requirements for a happy, satisfactory and prosperous career was amazing! I couldn’t believe it was so simple and I hadn’t thought of it myself before! I learnt so much about myself and this gave me the clarity to finally realise that what I really wanted to do was to be a doctor.

It wasn’t an easy decision however to leave a career I had put 8 years into, quit my job, forego a steady income and sit an entry exam requiring me to study Biology, a subject I hadn’t touched since high school year 10, and then if I somehow got through all the entry hurdles to then think of heading back to uni for the next 4 years.

But I remember feeling so motivated after the seminar that it was all the determination and clarity I needed to commit myself completely towards pursuing my new chosen career. I am now studying Medicine at USyd and am one year closer to my dream job!"

Aparna Ravinutala - Medical Student
University of Sydney

"It was empowering to learn more about myself in this seminar. Some ideas were reinforced while others were completely new and mind-blowing − and then others were repacked such that I began seeing myself in a different light. It was empowering to visualise my goals and then be given the tools to break it down to achievable targets. Practising and then assimilating the techniques provided during the seminar has given me the power to enrich the quality of my life.

You not only captivate the audience with your infectious unbound energy but you also connect with them because of your genuine interest in each and every participant. Getting to know each participant as well as you did galvanised us all to ruminate deeply as well as work through our limiting beliefs. Pensive moments were sandwiched with reflective stories, music and an array of activities which made the day fly by. Not only do you walk the talk but so do your support team. All through the days of the seminar, every member of your team was warm, engaging and approachable and absolute models of this incredible program.

You have provided me with an arsenal of tools to ensure lasting change in all aspects of my life. I cannot stop telling every person I know about your sensational seminar."

Vandana Rai
Child Behavioural Therapist

"The value that I received from taking part in the exercises as part of this program was really brilliant. The STOP technique and MBTI personality profile deserve a special mention as they were both tools which were very unique to this program and provided me with the maximum benefit. The STOP technique was particularly useful to me as it enabled me to really disengage from my limiting beliefs and take up new challenges, which I was always afraid to in the past. The MBIT personality profile was fabulous because it not only allowed me to understand the areas I needed to improve in, but also made me aware of the positive qualities that I had, which I had never really taken the time to look into. This provided me with greater confidence to enter into new activities as mentioned above.

Darren was fantastic in ensuring that the energy level during the entire time the seminar was on was very high. This created a fantastic atmosphere for everyone to be in and also encouraged everyone to participate at their optimal levels.

The learning strategies used by Darren and his team such as the music played to create a particular state of mind, the short motivational clips shown and the guest speakers really inspired me and made me want to persist in achieving the goals that I had set while there. Darren was a great presenter and what made his delivery even more convincing was the fact that he was speaking from his own experience, which enabled everyone to actually see that these techniques can work!

The seminar was definitely a worthwhile experience and investment for me. After completing it I gained clarity as to where certain limiting beliefs were stemming from and how to take that big step forward to resolve them.

The workshop is unlike any other because it not only ensures that each individual gains valuable insights into how to change the direction of their life while at the seminar, but it has a great follow-up program which was pivotal to me in being able to take the next leap forward.

Overall the Shape Your Destiny seminar was a fabulous experience for me and I really got more than my money’s worth. I would encourage everyone to attend!"

Neha Broota

"This seminar has really been eye opening for me. I feel very inspired that I am on my way to achieving my goals & I feel confident that I will get there because I have an action plan & a blueprint for success. The techniques you showed us & we practised in the seminar were amazingly effective & I now have life tools I can use at any time to motivate myself to achieve whatever I put my mind to.

Being a person that is not very confident within myself, I have found this program to have helped in words I cannot explain. The magic that has transformed from where I was at physically and emotionally, to where I am heading now, living and striving towards my ideal life, is quite amazing.

Through Darren’s program I was able to develop, challenge myself and put strategies and behaviours into place that are making a huge difference in my life. My friends, family and work mates have noticed a difference in my behaviour. I am now waking up in the morning and feeling great in all aspects (mind, body and soul), carrying a lot of positive energy and have also stepped up in my role which has resulted in huge improvements in my job.

Thank you for helping me to break through my fears & limiting beliefs, for enlightening me about my personality, passions & talents & for inspiring me to be my best.

This program was worth every cent & more & I would highly recommend that all people wanting to take their relationships, finances, career & health to a new level, should attend. I will be telling all my friends & work colleagues about you & this wonderful program."

Sheetal Mistry - Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for giving me the tools to change my life.

The past month has shown me so much in terms of how I see myself and what my potentials truly are. The sky is the limit and I KNOW I can do anything, be anyone, and go anywhere!

I can clearly see what I want to achieve which makes it SO much easier on the path to actually getting there.

I love the feelings of excitement, happiness and confidence now associated with my goal that were never there before. I love the power behind your words and how this in turn motivated me to get the same power and belief behind my goal.

I also wanted to thank...my coach for being there every step of the way...I am inspired, excited and motivated to keep going.

Sincere thanks"

Melanie Dimstas

"I would like to say I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and found it to be very effective. The immediate impact of the seminar was remarkable; even my parents and friends actually made comments saying they thought I was on a 'high' after it. I felt that 'nothing was impossible'.

The content was structured and I found the process Darren employed to be very useful. Darren's presentation style & skills were exceptional and I can honestly say I did not 'tune out' once as he maintained a high energy in the room right throughout the 2 days. I am generally a quiet person but the way he conducted the seminar allowed me to step out and express myself; something which I have tried to follow since.

It was definitely money well spent. Once you do the seminar you don't really feel as if you spent money to gain the knowledge you get. It was truly motivational!

Lastly, the 30 Day Accountability program is a brilliant idea. I personally swayed from it at times but the fact of being accountable kept me on track! Two months on form the seminar I am committed to writing another 30 day plan to take me to the next level.

Thank you for helping me get out of my 'bogged down' state & take action on my passion of property development."

Mayank Maini - Auditor
Price Waterhouse Coopers

"Shape Your Destiny...pushed me to think about what is holding me back from...being an inspirational photographer, helping others and being healthier. In my case it was my constant procrastination, fear of risks/ putting myself out there and settling for mediocrity thinking that I couldn't do better. Progressively throughout the seminar, all the unnecessary negative thoughts and insignificant worries, were beaten down to make my goals clearer...Another important idea that I gained was that the only thing holding you back is you. This powerful understanding has driven me to stop blaming others for my situation and actually doing something to change that. The action plan allows me to move forward to my goal using small steps. It gives me a framework to build on my skills, break down the cycle of procrastination and the knowledge that I'm moving closer to my goals everyday.

If you have ever wanted to change your life for the better, Darren will give you the tools for success."

Sharath Padaki
University Student

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for an amazing experience at the Shape Your Destiny Seminar. I found the seminar on both a professional and personal level extremely valuable…you completely exceeded my expectations. I came out of the session feeling focused, energetic and inspired... The content was excellent and extremely interesting which was supported by some very practical and intelligent learning strategies. The music, team activities..., humor, and the general entertainment you provided established an atmosphere like I have never experienced...before.

I walked out of the seminar clearer on my life path and direction, and more confident in setting and achieving goals....I commend you for a brilliantly constructed and executed seminar, and I thank you for making a difference in my life."

Nathan De Rosario - National Field Training Manager

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"It is the Global Financial Crisis!...[and I was applying for jobs] with finance companies...and when I thought about the future, this dark cloud of uncertainty mixed with a feeling of inadequacy formed...my self image was about -2/10. Little did I know that this was all about to change rapidly!

[In] the Shape Your Destiny seminar...I was able to identify my passions, and my purpose in life and also in my career and then systematically break down the obstacles to success known as limiting beliefs by creatively re shaping the image I had of myself…The outcome was amazing, out of the 5 jobs I applied for, I made the final round for 3 of them. I was…offered a job during this Global Financial Crisis. I wrote this in my gratitude journal very often, but not nearly as many times as the words ‘Darren Pereira’ were written. He…helped build up my own pillars of strength so that I could unleash my natural potential. With many thanks."

Akhilesh Bhatia B.Com B.Law - Relationship Banking Graduate
Westpac Retail & Business Banking

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"I found this seminar enlightening and found an inner confidence that I had lost as a result of bullying. I came away from this weekend feeling empowered and in an incredibly positive frame of mind. To keep me in this state and to remain motivated and on track, I participated in the 30 Day Accountability Challenge, post seminar. While some days were challenging, I used the coping strategies learnt from the seminar to bounce back.

If you are wanting to dramatically improve the quality of your life and gain control of your future, then this course is for you."

Aimee Goldsworthy  - Year 11 Student
Eltham High School

"By transforming my thoughts, Darren has not only changed my life, but indirectly will change the lives of my students…A year and a half ago, my career, personal relationships and self esteem were at an all time low.

At this inspirational, breakthrough weekend, Darren used powerful music & highly effective techniques to help me discover and tap into my interests, passions and talents, as well as helping me to discover my purpose in life. I also learnt how to break limiting beliefs and negative thinking patterns.

Darren has helped me find out what really motivates me and…helped me turn this into a workable action plan…[he] has helped me change direction in life, aim higher and move forward… Darren has transformed my life in an invaluable way.

Karishma Purswaney − Teacher

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"The weekend workshop was...definitely enjoyable, honest and open. It felt like a safe environment...to share and listen thus making it a very productive atmosphere...Darren’s presentation and facilitating skills are quite formidable and his knowledge and passion for helping others find change is quite inspiring...

I have come across a lot of the techniques in the past through readings and research however to discuss them and see them used is more productive and useful than simply reading about it or watching a video on the topic.

I do recommend attending the workshop...I personally believe that it was money and time well invested (not just spent)!...it did embolden me to try something new and not just settle or accept the way things are...I think the 30 Day Accountability...program...is a must! I’d also recommend the gratitude journal...[as it]...is by far the best thing I have done in a long time to elevate my mental state."

Shabir Satya - IT Engineer
Corporate Express

"...the Shape Your Destiny seminar...was a really wonderful and beneficial experience...You’re an amazing speaker who really connects with the audience and...Thank-you for inspiring me to go for & work harder at achieving my goals and not be held back by my limiting beliefs and negative feelings which were debilitating me! The techniques and strategies we were taught during the seminar...will be invaluable in my future...I can already see results! I definitely recommend [the seminar] to everyone who wants to take charge of their lives and make things happen for them."

Nat C - Student
University of Melbourne

"I've been waking up in the mornings [and] I am pumped and full of energy...One of my goals [is] to lose 10kgs by 1st December, and exercise more. To date I use my excercise bike every morning...my next goal is financial: refinancing with a lower interest rate on the mortgage and getting rid of credit cards and car loan and putting a budgeting plan together. I had the best weekend [and]...I feel excited...thank you."

Terri Davy - Office Administrator

"The two day weekend seminar was so educational, empowering, fun an uplifting...Before attending I lacked direction and passion. I have since found myself…The greatest gift was being guided to help me devise a plan of action that I was able to immediately apply!"

Erykah Skilvas - Manager - Marketing & Events
Engineers Australia

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